Overview of the Excursions you should not miss in and around Salvador.

For all these excursions you will get an English speaking professional tour guide (registered by the Ministry of Tourism of Brazil), the ideal person to show the most interesting, typical and funny of all the fantastic places around!

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Upper City tour - historical Salvador

Discover the history and most important places of this fascinating city.

On this tour you will know the most important places of Salvador and learn about the history of the first capital of the colony Brazil. We start at the famous Lighthouse of Barra, where you have a splendid view on the Bay of All Saints and the Atlantic Ocean at the same time. From Barra, we take the main avenue, passing diverse neighbourhoods such as the Corridor of Victoria bordered by ancient trees, and a busy commercial area, to arrive in the Historical Center, called so after the UNESCO made it a World Heritage Site. This place is a must for the visitors: a complete old neighbourhood, called the Pelourinho, in the Upper City inside the bay, full of churches and magnificent colorful mansions in typical Portuguese colonial style that we will visit walking through the lively squares and cobblestone streets experiencing the local atmosphere and people that will not let you impassive. Don't forget to visit the church of São Francisco, a real jewel with its fantastic Baroque interior covered by gold leaves.

Duration: 4 hours (avg). For more general information and photos: click here!

Lower City tour - a different Salvador

Discover the more quiet and human face of this fascinating city.

On this tour you will get a different view of the third biggest capital of Brazil. This tour takes you to the Lower City where our principal destination is the peninsula of Itapagipe, completely surrounded by the calm waters of the bay and an oasis of peace at only 8 km from the busy harbour area. We visit the neighbourhoods ofRibeira, with fantastic views on the Bay of All Saints and some small marinas with their schooners and sailboats, Bonfim, with the famous church of Nosso Senhor do Bonfim that is an important place for pilgrimage where the syncretism between Catholicism and Candomblé still lives strongly, Boa Viagem with the imponent Fort of Monte Serrat and the Ponta de Humaitá, the most romantic spot in Salvador at sunset! Depending on your interest, we can visit the biggest and swarming open market of the city, called São Joaquim, or the well known Mercado Modelo, that is more directed to the tourist with its small shops of art and handicraft.

Duration: 4 hours (avg). For more general information and photos: click here!

Full Day City Tour - complete Salvador

Combine the Upper and Lower City tours into this most interesting excursion!

The best way to to visit the old center of Salvador and dive into its history, culture, religiosity and the habits of the people of Bahia and to let you being seduced by the magic of this city, is to combine the Upper City and Lower City tours into one full day tour. That will give you the opportunity to lunch in one of the cosy restaurants in the Pelourinho e taste one the delicious regional dishes, such as the moqueca!

This tour offers you an unforgettable experience with success guaranteed! For more details and the itinerary, take a look at the descriptions of the Upper and Lower City tours!

Duration: full day or 9 hours (avg)

Salvador - custom made:

In function of your own interestswe can also set up a custom made tour. More specific aspects of the city can be highlighted here, such as the modern neighborhoods of Salvador, the popular hoods, the poor suburbs on the bay side, the religious face of Salvador with the Catholic or the African religion, the beaches, and so on.

Duration: half (4h) or full day (9h)

Recôncavo and Cachoeira - the African inland

Discover the most African region of Brazil, birthplace of Samba and Capoeira.

On this tour you will get to know the region that lies around the Bay of All Saints, called the Recôncavo, and our final destination is the historical city of Cachoeira, at 110 km from Salvador. This region is the African inland, sometimes called "black Bahia", where the first sugar cane plantations appeared and the first slaves, imported from black Africa, were put to work in big numbers. We visit the big and busy local market of Santo Amaro, the first city that we cross after a 70 km ride passing by the suburbs of Salvador and the fields for agriculture and cattle breeding along the highway BR-324. After Santo Amaro, we take the road up to Cachoeira, that lies majestically in the valley of theParaguaçu River. We visit this colonial city walking through the picturesque streets with its old houses and churches. There will be time for lunch, that could be in the old Convent of Carmelites. In the afternoon we visit the cigar factory of Dannemann where the famous top class cigars are still hand rolled.

Duration: full day or 9 to 10 hours (avg). For more general information and photos: click here!

Coconut Coast and Praia do Forte - the "famous" beaches

Discover one of the most beautifull coastlines of Brazil and the best touristic infrastructure in Bahia

On this tour you will first have a sight seeing drive along the beaches of Salvador on the Atlantic Ocean. Then we take the Coconut Road in the direction of the most beautiful beaches of Bahia to the north of the city along the Coconut Coast. The road follows the coast and offers splendid views on dunes, lagoons and the Ocean itself, sovereign green and blue. Our final destination is Praia do Forte, a former fisherman village and, now, the most important touristic destination. We visit the TAMAR Project that protects the five species of sea turtles that reproduce here along the coast, where you can see these huge and ancient reptiles just in front of you. Another possibility is to visit the ancient and mysterious Fort of Garcia D'Ávila, build on top of a hill with a panoramic view on the coastline. Of course, the village offers you a great choice of cosy restaurants with delicious local dishes and, if you want, of tropical sunny beaches where you can get into the real Bahian mood!

Duration: full day or 9 hours (avg). For more general information and photos: click here!