This is the phrase that better states our Bahia. It's a place of happy and vibrant people. People who, even without money in the pocket or food on the table, always carry out a frank smile on their face. This happiness, for being so sincere, infects who arrives and saddens who goes away.

Bahia, happy land, that thanks to the mixtures of races, offers a unique and fascinating melting pot of cultures. Let's discover its cooking art, its religions, its dances, its music, literature, architecture and culture in general.

Bahia, beautiful land that, thanks to its geographic diversity, offers exotic and splendid landscapes. Go visit its beaches, its historical cities, its hills and mountains, its rivers, its waterfalls, its "sertão" (half dry hinterland) and the great variety of flora and fauna that you will be able to admire here.

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Here follow the resumes of some of the most important excursions:

  • Upper City tour - historical Salvador: Discover the history and most important places of this magic city!

  • Lower City tour - a different Salvador: Discover the more quiet and human face of this fascinating city!

  • Recôncavo and Cachoeira - the African inland: Discover the most African region of Brazil, birthplace of Samba and Capoeira!

  • Coconut Coast and Praia do Forte - the "famous" beaches:Discover one of the most beautifull coastlines of Brazil and the best touristic infrastructure in Bahia!

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